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Workshop Program

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has given us an opportunity to run a very different kind of workshop. We have modified the structure and flow of the workshop to suit synchronous and asynchronous participation for attendees from multiple time zones, and it will be taking place digitally on Microsoft Teams (MS Teams). Participants will be invited to a collaboration space by the organizers (Microsoft account is not required to join). Although the workshop is divided over two days, it still requires only 3 hours of participation in total.

Throughout the Workshop: Networking Activities (on MS Teams)

Day 1 (June 18): Workshop Activity - Read and Engage (on MS Teams)

Day 2 (June 19): Conclusion (on MS Teams)

On the second day (afternoon time BST), we will hold another online live session (recorded) to summarize the exchange on MS Team activity channel and post a written summary at the end of the second day to conclude the workshop. As participants may continue to post, the summary is to be updated when all the comments are in.

After the Workshop

We will share our insights on this website as well as a dissemination blogpost for designers, educational technologists and other interested parties through Medium. Our aim is to encourage participants to collaboratively write research papers about the themes discussed during the workshop. This workshop will be followed by at least one journal article, and an activity that will be dedicated to building new collaborations, both new projects and publications comparing case-studies.