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Workshop Organizers

Ahmed Kharrufa (co-chair) is a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) of Human-Computer Interaction at Open Lab, the School of Computing, Newcastle University. Ahmed’s research focus is in looking at the design, development, implementation, and evaluation of processes and tools to enhance learning and the learning experience. He is also the founder and director of Reflective Thinking, an educational technology startup.

Serdar Abaci (co-chair) is a Research Associate at Open Lab, Newcastle University. His research currently focuses on evaluation of educational technologies. His research interests include feedback, online learning, program evaluation, and teaching and learning technologies. He holds a PhD in Instructional Systems Technology from Indiana University (USA).

Petr Slovak is a Lecturer in Computer Science at the King’s College London. His research is positioned at the intersection of Human Centred Interaction, mental health intervention, and learning sciences. His current research project focuses on understanding of how novel digital objects (e.g., socially assistive robots) could lead to innovative intervention delivery approaches, which are embedded in the everyday lives of young children and their families.

Emeline Brulé is a Lecturer in Product Design at University of Sussex, conducting participatory research at the crossroad of sociology and technology design.

Megan Venn-Wycherley is a doctoral trainee at Open Lab, Newcastle University. Her research interests include exploring the role of university-school partnerships in computing education, and the design and delivery of physical computing curricula in the classroom.

Daniel Lambton-Howard is a PhD candidate at Open Lab, Newcastle University. His research is focussed on the creative and gameful reuse of existing technologies and social media in support of education, peer support, and youth engagement.